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Hello! welcome to greenlifebate 

I’m  Bate  the  manager of greenlifebate. this dream was born by a little black girl who saw more than she was thought to. Building a business online in Cameroon my country of birth is such a struggle , so much so that many saw me as  an already failed dream. 

But as the advantages of using social media for my business will put it , I sold about 150 samples of my product from the comfort of my home  launching ; that is about 750000fcfa  Cameroon currency 

I am not telling you this story to brag but to make you see that even in a very  small town and with very limited tools I could tipple my  initial business investment

That is just a story of a startup with no experience what soo ever,  just think of where we can take your business to with our present expert  skills and experience.

  From a very tender age, I was not comfortable with all the harmful chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis in skin and hair care products that affect our health. Talk less of childhood energy struggles , and business attempts.  It became my mission to find safe and healthy alternatives to conventional products for myself and love ones that actually work. that is when my GLB born and today we help other business strive 

If you’re just a   startup , already  established business  ,  lover of sustainability  or and the environment.  I know it’s confusing. Together we’ll figure out the overwhelming world of doing  business digital , and  how you can  meet up with the current  environmental shift , digital changes. So you can keep your  business on top.

Let us worry about your business online while you count your cash to the bank. 

I am truly honored to share my story with you and hope it inspires you, our services  take your business to the next level and make you stand out.

As a child, I always had issues with my skin from product irritation, allergies, to very sensitive skin.  at a tender age, I was given treatments which helped calm the situation for some time but were short term.

By my 20’s I started suffering from acne.  at that point, I started researching acne and the best ways to find lasting solutions.

After years of trying different skin products (including my own creations), I finally healed my body and I am in a place now where I have cleared and can properly manage my skin.