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Chebe powder


Perform a patch test a few days before use. If you yearn for long, dark locks, then it’s imperative that your hair be healthy and resilient. GLB Chebe Powder holds the key to unlocking your hair’s full growth potential. . GLB blend of natural ingredients is formulated in chad to moisturize and nourish hair, thus preventing breakage and loss. Retaining the hair you have and nurturing its continued growth allows you to enjoy long hair that sways beneath the curves of your derriere.


Lavender Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Reisin, Clove, Gum Arabic, Vegetable Oil, Perfume.

  • Take equal quantity of your favorite hair cream and /or oil of your choice and a coupleĀ  of teaspoons of Chebe Powder to a thick flowing consistency .
  • The first step is to get the hair wet using regular water and alternate between the hair grease mix that you just made and the Chebe Powder until hair is fully saturated.
  • Then re-braid the hair and once that braid is done, wet the hair again with water.
  • Repeat that routine every 3 to 5 days or till you want to redo your hair.
  • Do not put on the scalp.


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