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Karkar oil


Karkar Oil mix (aka Chebe Black) is an excellent way to achieve Longer Stronger Healthier hair. It has an earthy scent. Its homemade and may contain/ have been manufactured in the presence of peanuts. Buyer assumes all risks. This blend gives you the perfect amount to grow your hair to unimaginable lengths.



How to Use
  • Start with clean detangled sectioned damp hair.
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Apply oil to your hair strands to lock in the moisture paying close attention to your ends .
  • A few drops per section is fine as a little goes a long way .
  • If you oil your scalp, apply a couple drops to your fingertips and massage hair lightly . This is for best results. Style hair as usual . Twists. Braids. Buns.
  • Leave hair alone.
  • Low manipulation styles or protective styles are best. (Scarves, wigs, etc…
  • Rinse hair with warm water every 2-3 days and repeat until desired hair health/length is achieved .
  • Sleep in satin bonnet every night . 1=2 times per week, sleep in plastic cap if extra moisture is needed.


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